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Her chuchies and pussy were shining in the moonlight

I woke up at around 2 a.m. and I suddenly felt the need to urinate. The moon and stars were twinkling in the night. I got up and was going to the toilet, when I suddenly felt a touch on my arm. It was my neighbor’s eldest daughter, Polly. She was extremely beautiful. She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom which was around the corner. My penis became very hard. She pulled open my night clothes and began sucking on it. It became harder and harder. She took off her bra and panties. Her chuchies (nipples) and pussy were shining in the moonlight. I inserted my finger into her pussy. Suddenly my elder brother kicked my buttocks and said, “Stupid! Have you not a cock? Then why are you getting your fingers messy?” Then he started fucking her himself. Boy, did I feel like a fool.

On that day I was alone at my house, our neighbour’s wife was also alone for a sex in Vienna. I teach her daughter, 4 years old. When I went there in the afternoon her daughter was not there. She told me that she is having a pain in her left knee. She wants me to rub her knee, so I start rubbing. When I was rubbing she took off her pants and told me that she also had pain in her pussy. So I fuck her.

I now had a steel erection

I am a 20-year-old college boy and live in an army colony. In the neighboring house (civil) there was a newly married women for sex in Prague. She was sexy with a slim body and curvy boobs. She usually stared at me while I passed by in front of her house. Her husband was a businessman and always used to be out of the station. I understood that she was a sexually unsatisfied woman but I could do nothing except stare at her from a safe distance. One evening when I was passing by she ask me for help. I went eagerly and she told me that her pet was missing. After looking for a long time, I could not find her pet, and I went to tell her. When she saw me she eagerly called me inside . I was shocked; her pet was inside her house! She took me towards her bedroom holding my hand. I understood what was happening, but I wanted to hear her tell me. But she didn’t utter a single word, she simply unbuckled my belt. With a great hesitation, I placed my hands on her shoulders, holding her long hair. I could clearly see the passion for sex in her eyes. I now had a steel erection, and I didn’t wanted to miss the golden chance. She was removing her saree with great speed; in few seconds we both had not a single thread on our bodies. I was frozen when I saw her figure and her hairy bottom. She pushed me towards her bed and started licking my cock. I was surprised, as I was experiencing this for the first time in my life. After few minutes she got on top of me, holding my cock and she inserted it in her wet cunt. It was again a surprising and painful but pleasant moment of my life. I wondered if her husband had not even touched her, as her pussy was fresh and hard. I was stroking up and down rapidly. After few minutes it was a heaven-like experience for me when I poured my cum deep into her hole. She again started licking my lolly, and I too started licking her pussy, the taste of which I would never forget. It all was a great experience for me which I previously used to see in blue films only. She wanted me every time when her husband was not in the station, and I was always present for her. I smiled and felt petty when I used to meet her husband.

I shall call my wife and you fuck her

My wife had left for her parents’. The other couple living in the same apartment made out a plan to tease me. One night they fucked, making loud noises which I could hear well. This made me excited very much and sick next morning when the husband came to me and found me very much excited. He told me that you are very much excited and may fell sick in absence of your wife. Better I shall call my wife and you fuck her. Immediately his wife came in my room and sat beside her husband. Husband took her breast in his hands and squished in my presence. Seeing this I was so excited that I removed my shorts, spread legs of lady, raising her skirt and pushed my hard and big penis in her pussy. I fucked her hard in presence of her husband but came soon. As lady was still horny, she took my penis in her mouth and gave a hard blow job. My penis was again hard in no time. I lay the lady now properly on bed and then again fucked her hard in presence of her husband who was regularly asking her whether she is enjoying the fucking with big and hard penis which she was craving for EscortFox. In fact they have seen me fucking my wife several times in different positions and bringing her in great orgasms in bright light in my bed room through the key hole. Later on my wife came to know this incident. We still talk about that fucking and this makes my wife wet and ready for great fuck. She, however, never liked the idea of getting fucked by the neighbour.